GASGAS Enduro Bikes

Another manufacturer with a solid background in trials and its not too often you see GASGAS on the top step of the Extreme Enduro scene. However this might change significantly over the coming years as KTM have recently taken over. Whilst partly this might be for to KTM to fully enter the trials market its bound to have a very positive effect on the GASGAS Enduro Bike range. It could also mean the second hand price holds its value a little more in the long run. The GASGAS Enduro Bikes on offer consist of the EC 300/250/200 cc for Europe and the XC 300/250/200cc cross-country versions. The older GASGAS bikes are a perfect choice for getting started into the sport or Green Laning as they are affordable and are capable of going anywhere. Shop the full range of second hand and new GASGAS enduro bikes below;