KTM Enduro Bikes

KTM enduro bikes are quite possibly the most popular and is one of the longest standing brands in the sport. Due to the very close tie in with RedBull and together sponsoring the likes of Extreme Enduro Champion Jonny Walker, it’s no wonder they are one of the main bikes to ride in style! The KTM enduro bikes come in 2 main models, KTM EXC and KTM EXC-F, the latter the 4 stroke machine. KTM recently made a swap to fuel injected 2 stroke machines known as the KTM TPI engine. There’s a number of different engine sizes available in both models to suit a wide range of abilities and ages, the most popular the 300cc two stroke. For the Extreme enduro riders the 300 seems to be the bike of choice but most club level riders seem to enjoy the 250cc, with some even opting for the slightly lighter 125 EXC. Shop all the KTM EXC and EXC-F’s for sale online both new and preowned, you wont be dissapointed and having a KTM parked in the garage certainly has a feel good factor!