TRS Trials Bikes

TRS Trials bikes are designed and developed by Multi World Trials Champion Jordi Tarres. Designed from the ground up the TRS trials bike combines the majority of the best design elements from other trials bikes and brings them together in one machine. Don’t forget that Tarres was instrumental in development of the GasGas pro in the early 2000’s with its superslim revolutionary gearbox design. This bike has had every aspect thought about and not only looks great but has all the handling aspects that a World Championship bike should have. Ranging from 125cc engines up to 300cc engine there are 3 main models to choose from, TRS One, RR and Gold Series. The Gold Series is extra special if you are looking for a complete head turner. TRS trials bikes are slowly becoming one of the favourites and Tarres is now evolving the brand into Cycle Trials bikes and E-Bikes.