Yamaha Trials Bikes

In previous years Yamaha have produced some excellent Trials Bikes and there our favourite make of trials bike at Trials Bike Classifieds. Yamaha catered for youth and adults with bikes like the  TY80 right through to the TY250. Originally Yamaha Twinshock trials bikes, Yamaha moved into the mono category with the TY250 and later replaced with the TY250Z or TYZ. The TYZ was well renowned within the trials scene as the ‘tank’ of trials, slightly over engineered but still perfect in every way (some may say). The Yamaha trials bike engine from the TYZ was then shoehorned into the later Scorpa models and proved its strength over a period of around 10 years. Lots of old Yamaha trials stock is readily available but the bikes are gaining in value along with the price of parts.